Making decisions about consulting a homecare giver is not easy. In particular, when we have to consider introducing someone into our life who fulfills all our needs.

Before consulting and hiring professional support, your concerns focus on the needs, gaps and risks arising from certain specifications and limitations. It will lead you to decide to hire professional assistance services.

When to ask for help?

The two aspects on the top priority that you are most concerned about are:

  1. Loneliness: isolation, apathy, depression, lack of stimulation, activity, and social interaction
  2. Insecurity: what can or can happen to the person when they have no one by their side?

People who live with any type of dependency are extremely vulnerable in our society, just like children and the elderly. Remember, not all dependencies have to be associated with old age and that not all dependents have cognitive/behavioral problems. With or without a certain degree of autonomy and independence, the group of dependent people is more prone to becoming victims of abuse. Abuses can occur both in their immediate environment and outside of it. At the point where we must make the decision to look for an assistance company, either for ourselves or for a dependent family member, that simple action can represent a whole mountain for us.

How do I search? Which one offers a better service? Which companies have better valuations, more experience and professionals better prepared to face the specific healthcare needs of the person?

There are many questions we ask ourselves and the doubts and fears that may arise. Besides, there are many factors that we must take into account when choosing a professional home care service in Florida. But, above all, we must always keep in mind the following three main characteristics: trust, guarantees, and security.

What has always worked between people is the mouth-to-mouth system. When faced with doubts about this type of delicate nature, we tend to ask acquaintances in similar situations about the companies they use, inform us about those that we may have heard the most about, or what better customer evaluations they may have. Therefore, peace of mind and security are the key points on which we focus when we value hiring the services of professional assistants.

How do we achieve a guarantee of quality, tranquility, and safety?

Being demanding in the choice

Find out about the company’s reputation, consider the evaluations of its users and the level of satisfaction with the services provided (check reviews), evaluate its human resource department and professional quality, and with what customer service protocols, corporate values, humanity and ethics count.

Having the certainty that the welfare of the assisted will be ensured

To ensure the safety of someone is to shield them from the risks that may arise and they do not have the resources to defend themselves due to their circumstances.

Personalize assistance

Knowing that the company will provide flexible personalized assistance based on trust, respect, good treatment and discretion.

When we are determined to use professional assistance services, we choose the provider that best suits the needs of the patient according to the environment. Peace of mind, safety and quality are the three major aspects to which we must pay attention during our selection and with which we must be more demanding when we compare between providers of personal care services. Before making any decision, the important thing is to choose the one that you think will best give you these three qualities and with which you feel that you are in control.

What makes a support company like ours stand out from other recruitment companies?

Assist, not care

We do not care, we assist: we are attentive to the physical and emotional well-being as well as the safety of the person.

We prevent risk: we ensure the proper functioning of the service with the control of the attendees.

We combine professionalism: we select, support and retain the talent of our assistants.

For every need, we have a tailor-made solution: our 40-year experience allows us to provide successful solutions.

We put the feeling: we give an appropriate emotional response in each situation.

We comply with the expected confidence: we offer the maximum delivery every day to achieve your peace of mind.

GaeLynn is a serious and responsible company that never abandons a patient to their fate no matter how difficult a situation may get and puts the maximum interest in achieving the welfare of the patient. Our main objective is focused on the well-being, quality of life and comfort of the client. Our maxim is always to respect the will of the GaeLynn, offer a home care service that improves the quality of life of the dependent person according to our values, and help those who need it most in a professional and humane way.

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