When you, a family member, or an acquaintance get elder, they need the support and assistance of others, to a greater or lesser degree. And, it is due to the dependencies thriving as a result of the natural aging process or for other reasons (diversity of psychomotor functionality, diseases of a genetic, chronic, and/or degenerative nature, …).

In general, it will be the family itself that is responsible for providing this basic care in old age. And, one of its members will tend to become that main reference on whom the bulk responsibility will fall. Although it is possible with the support of the environment and other family members, it still can be quite challenging. Attention to the elderly should focus on three basic levels which cover at all times: the physical, the psychological, and the social.

The time to hire a professional assistant

There will be a time when family caregivers and/or members of the family of a dependent person are in the phase of deciding to hire the company for its services. That company is responsible for providing professional assistants to help with our loved one’s care. The priority and focus should be to choose the one that provides the greatest peace of mind and security.

The best environment to live in is your own home, in which one of your family members has adapted it to the patient’s preferences and comforts to feel the best. It is logical to think that this comfort becomes essential when you get older and/or get sick. At the same time, which can become totally insufficient if it is not accompanied by adequate personal assistance to personal characteristics and circumstances to avoid accommodation, neglect, and laziness that would enhance, due to lack of professional knowledge, the advancement of the impairment of the elderly/dependent.

Home care should facilitate basic tasks as important in life as favoring the personal potential of the GaeLynn to revitalize the state of mind and become aware that a full life is possible by adapting to the circumstances of each moment.

How do we choose the best assistant to support the person at home?

  1. Being very demanding when searching, comparing, and making the final decision. Also, turning to recruitment companies with the best references and having a long history within the sector of such services and a good reputation, instead of going to employment agencies.
  2. Choosing a company that never gives up, no matter how difficult a situation gets, and that pays the maximum interest in achieving his well-being. The well-being, quality of life, and comfort of the individual must always be the main objective of the company you hire. It is imperative to always respect the will of the patient and what they have to say, offering at all times Professional home care services for the elderly that improve the quality of life of the dependent family member, helping those who need it most in a professional and humane way.
  3. A placement caregiving agency tends to act as an intermediary. A company with its own staff of assistants trained under its values ​​and ethics is responsible for all caring, legal, and economic aspects that a home care service involves. By signing the contract, it guarantees the relationship of both the company and the assistant, taking charge of any contingency that may arise (sick leave, illnesses, accidents) and thus freeing the company/client from all problems as a caregiver.

Finally, when it comes time to hire an assistant, look for these characteristics:

  1. Selection and Training: assistants who meet a rigorous technical profile and skills based on training, experience, and their cognitive, executive, and intrapersonal skills. And that said assistant is part of the staff of that company, has professional training in attending, or is certified in Socio-Family Attention and Social Work.
  2. Experience: that the assistant has a minimum of experience in caring for the person with complete home services.
  3. Positive references: both from the assistant and the company that supports it.
  4. Intrapersonal skills: that demonstrate integrity, empathy, optimism, initiative, flexibility, persistence, and ethics.
  5. Education and support in emotional intelligence from the company to that assistant through continuous instruction and active listening to prevent assistant stress syndrome.
  6. Help: that the company through which you contract offers supervision and monitoring of the assistant and manages technology solutions.

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