It is likely that there will be no quality indicators (QI) for daycare for assessing the quality of results. Therefore, modules of the new quality display are relevant for daycare. You will find an overview of all three components of the new quality display in the first part of this series.

Since module 1 is already intended for different care facilities, including daycare, this article deals with the relevant changes in module 3 (quality aspects).

Adjustments in the examination of daycare by Gaelynn

The authors of the final report recommend developing separate test sheets for daycare or daycare, as the inpatient facilities require a lot of linguistic and some content adjustments.

Description of the adjustment of the quality areas

The six quality areas into which the quality aspects are divided

  1. Support with mobility services and self-sufficiency
  2. Support in coping with the disease- and therapy-related demands and stresses
  3. Support in shaping everyday life and social contacts
  4. Support in special needs and supply situations
  5. Cross-disciplinary requirements
  6. Organizational aspects and internal quality management

These areas can be taken over for daycare. It should be taken into account that individual test questions are probably more often not applicable to daycare.

Example: The main responsibility for ensuring treatment care rests with outpatient care services, doctors or relatives. However, tasks such as patient observation are definitely an important requirement in the field of daycare. Here it is the task of the auditor to take this into account at the level of individual care for the person in need of care.

Adjustments to the quality aspects (QA) for daycare

There are changes for daycare in three quality aspects:

  1. Nocturnal care: This quality aspect does not apply.
  2. Support of the resident in the acclimatization phase after moving into the home: This quality aspect will probably be replaced by the measures for “admission management” of outpatient care.
  3. Transfer for hospital stays: This quality aspect does not apply.

All other quality aspects can be taken over but must be linguistically adapted to daycare.

Sample of the daycare guests to be checked

Since daycare facilities with an average of 12-14 guests per day are comparatively small care facilities, the authors of the final report recommend drawing a purely random sample of 6 daycare guests present on the day of the examination. If fewer than 6 people can be included on the day of the test, the test should still be completed on that day and not continued the next day.

Assessment forms and assessment rules

The assessment forms and rules presented in the final report can be transferred to daycare. The same applies to the quality representations, whereby deviating accentuations of certain task areas in the supply process would have to be explained in a form that is understandable for the user. The information part belonging to the quality display can also be adopted, but the language must be adapted for daycare.

Change in the future for daycare

With the new procedure there are two major changes for daycare:

  1. Quality-relevant information about the facility (module 1) must be submitted and published.
  2. During the examination by Gaelynn, there will probably be an evaluation in the future – not as a grade, but standardized to the inpatient facilities with 4 levels (squares) in several quality aspects.

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