Without CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants), it would be difficult to cope with the challenges in the area of nursing. Their primary duty is to ensure that everything runs smoothly in both outpatient and inpatient care. And it is not uncommon for them to be found in-home care services. In the following, we will explain to you how the care assistant benefits you and what services a care assistant provides.

What Is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Care encompasses so much that is not even visible at first glance because in the area of ​​senior care or home nursing, the care is not only limited to the purely medical area. However, the caring includes:

These services are not limited to the tasks mentioned above. The staff has to cope with all such tasks within a limited time. The nursing assistant does exactly what we just discussed, and is an important part of everyday care. They provide support with basic care as well as with housekeeping. In inpatient facilities, there is often the support of special support offers, for example, to motivate Alzheimer’s patients and engage them mentally.

What Difference Does It Make to The Seniors While Spending Time with CNA as Companions?

The training to become a nursing assistant lasts two years and ends with a recognized qualification as a health professional. A distinction must be made between the so-called everyday companion, which is sometimes referred to colloquially as a nursing assistant. This qualification can be obtained through a six-month further education and qualifies primarily for work with people suffering from dementia.

Where Do Nursing Assistants Work?

As mentioned above, they are active in all areas in which care services are provided. This can be in the nursing home, where they provide support on the ward, with an outpatient care service, or in private households in order to also care for those in need of care in their home. And good care assistants do not have to worry about the future, because the number of people who are considered to be in need of care is increasing continuously.

Whether care for the elderly, short-term care, home nursing, family care, or care for people with disabilities: Nursing assistants are needed wherever people can no longer cope with everyday life without support. This even extends to support in work, study, and work, if it concerns people with a physical disability.

Nursing Assistant from Gaelynn’s Home Care

Nursing Assistant from Gaelynn’s Home Care, The Villages, Florida

Nursing assistants also work and live directly in the home environment. Because quite a few families cannot look after a person in need of care around the clock alone. For example, people with dementia often need 24-hour care. Hardly possible when you are at work and maybe still have to look after children. A solution can then be a nursing assistant (the vast majority are women) from other European countries who lives directly with the relatives to be cared for. In addition to the nursing measures, these women are also employed as domestic help.

Many helpers come from Eastern Europe and are placed in Germany by agencies. Important to know: You have to pay the costs for this type of care at home privately and you should only turn to reputable placement agencies. After all, you first want to know that your family member is in good hands, and secondly, you want everything to be done correctly financially (keyword: proper taxation).

Care Assistance for People with Care Level

People with a disability and who have been assigned a care level can apply for care assistance from the local social welfare agency (districts and urban districts). Alternatively, integration offices or rehabilitation providers are also responsible if it is job assistance. Tip: We have summarized for you in this article what the classification process looks like and which services are associated with the respective care levels. In the case of additional care services, a financial subsidy of 104 euros per month is also possible, which can be used for care assistance.

Where Can I Get More Information About Care Assistants?

Contact your care advisor or the responsible care support point if you are interested in hiring a care assistant in your private sphere. Even if you already have a care level for yourself or your relatives in need of care and would like a care assistant, the experts can advise you on this. They will also help you to apply for assistance.

Conclusion on the Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants perform all the important basic tasks in nursing that are not (cannot) performed by qualified nursing staff: from basic care activities to domestic help and accompanying them to the workplace. They are used in nursing homes, with outpatient care services, and in care at home. They are often referred to as care assistants. If you hire such a nursing assistant to help you with the care of a relative in need of care at home, you usually bear the costs yourself. The situation is different if you or your family member have a level of care – then a nursing assistant can also be with the local social welfare agency.

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