Homemaker and Companionship Services In The Villages, Florida.

Gaelynn’s Home Care is dedicated to providing professional Homemaker and Companionship Services to the elderly, people with disabilities and individuals with cognitive impairments. Our Homemaker and Companionship services in The Villages are always available to provide professional home care to ensure our clients are safe and stay at home as long as possible. Our professional team of Homemakers and Companions understand what it takes to provide passionate care while maintaining the dignity of those we serve. We aim to enable our clients to live independently in their own homes for as long as safely possible.

CNA Services for elderly
HHA Services for Elderly

Is there any difference in Homemaking and Companionship?

Homemakers help our clients with activities of daily living (ADLs). This include meal prep, laundry, bed making, household chores, grocery shopping and much much more.

Companions are there for moral, emotional and cognitive support. Having a companion means that you are never alone. Our companions thrive on building a strong rapport with all of our clients as a trusting professional relationship is at the core of our companionship services.

CNA Services
Certified Nursing Assistant

What Services Do Homemakers Offer to The Elderly?

Many people don’t know the dedication and responsibility that homemakers has to cope with. While your loved one is at home our Homemakers are there to make sure they are not alone. We ensure that our clients are comfortable, safe and most importantly that they stay home as long as possible. Homemakers are a direct line of communication for the family and take pride in ensuring that the family remains well informed.

Homemaker/Companionship Training

All homemakers will be oriented and trained to provide homemaking services. With over 30 years of experience Gaelynn’s Home Care will ensure all Homemakers and Companions are properly trained and can be trusted to work with all of our clients.

  • Safety.
  • Dignity.
  • Communication.
  • Privacy.
  • Independence.

Homemakers and Companions are here for you!!

CNA Training
CNA Career – Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Scope

Homemaker/Companionship Career – Homemaker/Companionship Jobs Scope

As our loved ones are living longer and thrive to live as independent as possible, a career in homemaking and companionship is a growing profession. Our clients want to remain home as long as possible and it’s our homemaking and companionship services that make that happen.

Let’s dive into more detail about Companionship.

Companionship service’s purpose is to deliver the elderly with professional in home care services to ensure our clients are safe, empowered and as independent as possible. Companionship professionals work at the client’s home, assisting with daily routine tasks, i.e., running errands, light housekeeping, laundry, transportation, meal preparation, getting dressed, restroom use, grooming and all other basic cosmetic tasks.

Take a look at essential aspects of Companionship professionals; their services, study program, training and career.

Companionship Services for Elderly by Professionals at Gaelynn’s Homecare

Companions aid with grocery shopping, washing laundry for clients, and taking elderly on walks, among other activities. Companions provide passionate home care services to ensure that our clients remain home as long as possible. With active listening and strong communication skills, companions make sure that the families are well informed and up to date on all services being provided.

Home Health Aide Services
HHA Study Program

Companionship Study Program

Clients get undivided attention and professional support from Companionship in their homes. While most of these individuals are oriented and trained on the job we always encourage additional training and education.


  • Bed making.
  • Meal prep.
  • Client companionship.
  • Rapport building.
  • Active listening.

Companionship Training

In most cases, on-the-job training is necessary, and training programs can be completed as needed. Companions learn important communication and interpersonal skills, as well as how to build the best possible rapport with all of our clients. They also learn how to best communicate with family as well as how to respond in emergency situations.

Companionship Career

With an ever growing population of people living longer and wanting to stay home as long as possible, a career in companionship is an excellent choice.

HHA Training

How to become a certified nursing assistant?

  • Obtain a high school certificate or a General Educational Development (GED);
  • Complete state-approved CNA training (which can be found online or through hospitals, community colleges, or the Red Cross);
  • Complete the clinical prerequisites in person;
  • Pass the certification exam and register as a CNA in your state.

What does a certified nursing assistant do?

  • Feed, dress patients, and bathe.
  • Monitor the patients’ health.
  • Serve meals, keep rooms clean, and make beds.
  • Help with medical procedures and set up medical equipment

How to renew a certified nursing assistant (CNA) license?

To renew a certified nursing assistant (CNA) license, you must:

  • Have continuous employment.
  • Have clean record.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Be continuing education.
  • Pay renewal fees.

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