Health Reminders Reminder You Of Your Medicines

We refer you to exceptionally trained, experienced, and qualified caregivers to provide you with Home Health Aides, ranging from assisting with personal care to medication reminders.
Home Health Aides and CNAs may help you with self-administration medication with registered nurses.  Helping with reminders to take specific actions with respect to time(s) prescribed and/or making follow-ups to make sure actions are taken accurately.

Medication Reminder From a CNA/Home Health Aide

Safety has always been on priority for us. To deliver the utmost non-medical and medical quality level, GaeLynn supports families with the help of a reputed and registered nurse. However, the medication review is conducted by a licensed practitioner or registered nurse to make sure that our home care services are able to help with medication prescription with medical training.

Requirements for Medication Reminders

The patient or the patient’s attorney, guardian or surrogate must provide written consent for a C.N.A. or home health aide to deliver the maximum level of help with medication reminders. We urge you to discuss medication reminder needs with the GaeLynn to get smooth and hassle-free services.

Does Gaelynn remind you of your medicine time only?

You may be wondering about what services come under the health reminder. Yes, it is about reminding you or your loved one of the medicine and a reminder of various activities, such as exercise time, meal break, morning walk, evening tea or social activities, etc.

Depending on what you want from our reminder services, we also give you options to select the extensions of our services. From taking you out for a walk to the medicine reminders, you can expect anything from our staff, as far as your routine tasks are concerned. We manage things for your seniors, reminder is just a part of our excellent packages. You share with us your need; we provide you the quality services beyond your expectations.

caregiver reminding elderly to take medicine - health reminder services


  • Medical appointments with Physician
  • Medication Education and Training
  • Medication Interaction Assessment
  • Tracking of current Medication List
  • Medication Pill Box Filling
  • Monitoring for Adverse Reactions
  • Medication Reminders daily
  • Management of Medication Refills & Pick-Up

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