Health Reminders at Gaelynn's Home Care.

All reminders start with letting you know what things we can’t do and how we refer you to exceptionally trained, experienced, and qualified caregivers to provide you with Home Health Aides, ranging from assisting with personal care to medication administration.
Home Health Aides and CNAs may help you with self-administration medication with registered nurses. Helping with reminders to take specific actions with respect to time(s) prescribed and/or making follow-ups to make sure actions are taken accurately.

**Things we can do at Gaelynn’s Home Care.**

Medication Reminders

At Gaelynn’s Home Care we take a non-medical approach in helping all of our clients be reminded of taking their medication on time. These medication reminders are informal but a very important service we provide. Companions and Homemakers can assist clients in maintaining a schedule of medication times to better assist an appropriate medication regimen.

Medical and non-medical appointment reminders.

Companions and Homemaker pride themselves on assisting all clients in maintaining all scheduled appointments. Whether its a medical procedure or a hair appointment, we are there to help remind you of all your appointments.

Meal Schedule

Companions and Homemakers will take the time to not only remind you of your meal times but are also prepared to assist in meal prep. A healthy diet is very important component of your overall health.

Daily Hygiene

Gaelynn’s Home Care takes hygiene very serious. Reminders for daily hygiene are extremely important to help improves ones overall wellness.


Daily reminders about exercising are very important. Whether its taking a walk or lifting weights, reminding our clients to remain active is a very important goal.

caregiver reminding elderly to take medicine - health reminder services


  • Medical appointments with Physician
  • Medication Education and Training
  • Medication Interaction Assessment
  • Tracking of current Medication List
  • Medication Pill Box Filling
  • Monitoring for Adverse Reactions
  • Medication Reminders daily
  • Management of Medication Refills & Pick-Up

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