Mobility Services For Elderly In The Villages, Florida

Mobility assistance for the elderly in the Villages

Elderly Mobility services at GaeLynn’s Home Care consist of the following areas of mobility:

  • Assistance with walking and body movement
  • Assistance with transfers and transportation from hospitals to home and vice versa
  • Assistance with required Mechanical Aids
  • Assistance with bathing and transfer to bed
  • Assistance with certain exercises as doctor or specialist prescribed.

Mobility Assistance Services For Elderly At GaeLynn’s Home Care

GaeLynn’s Home Care has been offering this service to older citizens for more than a decade. Thanks to this help, it is possible for the elderly to stay mobile. Mobility assistants are prepared for their missions through training courses and made aware of the specific problems of elderly and disabled people.

Anyone over 65 years of age, living in their own homes can be accompanied by the mobility assistance service from our team. The offer range extends from walks, accompaniment to shopping, appointments at the hairdresser to the visits to friends, relatives or participation in events.

Transport as a need for the elderly

You might have realized that it is pretty challenging for your elderly to make a doctor’s appointment because they can hardly walk. It is hard not only for a visit to the hospitals but also to shops and social events. If they don’t make these essential visits, their life may become stressful due to isolation. Ultimately, their mental and physical health may be affected.

Transportation and mobility of the elderly and patients are the major responsibilities of family caregivers. Almost 35% of family caregivers spend four hours a week on average arranging the transport. Since transportation is not as convenient as one might think, it requires you to be careful while handling and put physical effort. However, you can’t leave or compromise on your job whenever your senior needs a visit to a doctor. Why don’t you consider the services of GaeLynn Homecare?

We promise you professional care to your senior. We have everything that your elderly needs for traveling, whether its stature, wheelchair, walking stick, among other accessories. Our transportation services provider staff is active and trained specially for handling bedridden patients. Just imagine, if our team can provide transportation to the bedridden, so why not the elderly? Our staff regularly exercises to stay fit and active, helping them and the patients travel safely.

If you need support on ways outside your home, please contact our mobility assistance services. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime and anywhere within The Villages, Florida.

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