Safety Services For Elderly In The Villages, Florida

Mobility assistance for the elderly in the Villages

Although full mobility services are not offered, safety support is.

  • Safety assistance is provided to prevent slips, falls and bodily harm.
  • Observing mobility and providing hands on safety measures when needed.
  • Observing balance and assisting support to prevent accident.
  • Monitor walking, exercise and ADLs to help prevent injury.
  • Observe all ADLs to ensure safe and functional ADL performance.

Safety Support Services For Elderly At GaeLynn’s Home Care

GaeLynn’s Home Care has been offering this service to older citizens for more than a decade. Thanks to this service, it is possible for the elderly to stay as mobile as possible. Safety Services are essential to ensure your loved ones are safe, healthy and not prone to bodily injury.

While living in their own home and accompanied by a companion, safety services allow the client to feel supported and confident in accomplishing daily task. Safety services are provided while assisting the client to shop, attend appointments, exercise, walk, run and accomplishing daily household chores.

Safety Services as a need for the elderly

Safety services provide direct observation of the clients mobility. This direct observation monitors the clients movement and provides hands on support in the event that the client’s safety is at risk. Safety services allow the client to move freely while being observed at all times.

Safety services of the elderly and clients are a major responsibilities of family caregivers and companions.

We promise you professional care to your loved ones. We have everything that our clients need for traveling, whether its observing stature, assisting with a wheelchair or just simply observing all mobility and providing safety services when needed. Our companions are prepared for all travel and will assist as needed.

If your safety is concern when traveling outside of your home, please allow Gaelynn’s Home Care to help. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime and anywhere within The Villages, Florida.

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