Driving is an essential means of transportation that becomes more difficult for seniors in their later years. This can happen due to medical conditions, vision, hearing, cognitive disability, or any other physical disparity from which they are suffering.

GaeLynn’s Home Care provides non-emergent senior transportation services, locally at affordable rates. Please see the rate sheet for more information.

We also offer transportation to and from doctor appointments and medical procedures including hospital discharges. Our non-emergency medical transportation is also available for senior daycare, rehabilitation procedures, and physical therapy.

Ambulatory, can
Walk or Pivot
Business HoursNights &
Ambulatory Base Rate
20 Miles or Less
Round Trip from Office
Mileage Rate
$1.25 Per Mile$2.00 Per Mile
Wait Time Fees$22 Per Hour$33 Per Hour

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is for clients that need assistance with mobility, medical procedures that require a driver, that is not provided by a standard transportation Services. We provide door-to-door transportation services for all of your medical needs and appointments with attention to medical details.

A one -week advance notice is recommended in order to secure a slot on our calendar and a $25.oo deposit will be required to book all medical transportation trips.

Do you really think these questions to yourself?

What if there were no traffic? If I had a car, or if I were physically fit and young? Although you are too old or perhaps your loved one, transport service is essential to hire if seniors can’t walk on their own. Mobility assistance services in villages of the GaeLynn make it possible for every senior to travel wherever they want; to the hospital, event, relative’s house, or anywhere, no matter how old they are and how much help they need. We take them safely to their destination and back.

GaeLynn Senior Transportation Services in The Villages, FL

The transport services enable practical and comfortable travel, with or without a walking stick or wheelchair. We make it possible to go to work and to see the doctor, as well as a quick visit to friends and much more, such as:

  • To work or to the training center
  • Sick trips to the doctor or hospital
  • To spa, recreation, and rehabilitation facilities
  • For events of any kind
  • Excursions
  • Shopping trips
  • Private visits
  • Free time activities

Costs of rides for Seniors to Medical Appointments

The services are organized differently for the places, time, and health of the senior. Please inquire about the costs mentioning the status of your elderly. Our representative can also inform you about options for covering the costs (e.g., through the social welfare office, health insurance, or long-term care insurance). In certain cases, the cost of a limited number of trips will be covered.

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